Protect Your Business Creation


A name that is trademarked is protected and others cannot use it. This is essential because if others use your name then it could have a bad impact on the image of your brand. You need to trademark your tagline and logo and each will have its own application. Get more info here.

Your mark is what your brand is. The items that you wish to trademark need to be creative and your own. It should not be something that is generic or a foreign word. It is important that you check that the items that you want to be trademarked are not already trademarked.

You can file a trademark application online. Your application will have a name or a logo and a description of the mark. You should also provide information about the various services and products that will be associated with the trademark. This will also attract a fee. It will take a few months to know whether your trademark has been approved.

Your trademark is your brand symbol. If you offer products that are below standard, then this can end up ruining your brand. You also need to keep monitoring that others do not misuse your trademark.


Copyright theft is not unknown. It could be theft of some e-books or when a blogger uses a graphic. In fact, these thefts are so common that it gets difficult to track all of them. If you find someone who is stealing your work then it can become a hassle to make them stop stealing.

There is some confusion of what can be copyright and what cannot be copyright. While you cannot protect your ideas you can protect how your ideas are expressed. So if one uses your work without taking permission even after giving you the credit for the work it is still a copyright violation.

All the work that you create is copyright. But in order to defend it in a law court, you should get official copyright. You need to send your work to the copyright office. You can get your website, written materials and software copyrighted. You can file for a copyright on email or online. You need to submit the application and provide information and upload a digital copy of your work.

You need to check the status of your copyright. It can be difficult for you to know when or who is the one who is stealing your work. However, when you have copyright you can approach the court to penalize the person who has stolen your work.