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2013-April Two year old Hannah Warren
July 8, 2013 HARVARD BIOSCIENCE Harvard Bioscience Comments on Regenerated Trachea Recipient Hannah Genevieve Warren’s Passing
July 8, 2013 HUFFPOST Toddler Who Received Windpipe Made From Stem Cells Dies
May 13, 2013 MP3 WCBS Newsradio 880 Interview
April 30, 2013 CBS News 2 year old gets windpipe made from her own stem cells
April 30, 2013 MSNBC 2 year old girl gets new life with windpipe from stem cells
April 30, 2013 Korean Herald Waiting on Life’s Breath
April 30, 2013 International Business Times Hannah Warren: 2 year old Toddler born without a windpipe
April 30, 2013 Today Show NBC Two Year Old Girl A Pioneer after Revolutionary Surgery
April 30, 2013 New York Times Ground Breaking Surgery for girl born without windpipe
2012-August Krasnodar Surgeries Julia Tulic & Aleksander Zozula
June 27, 2012 The New Scientist First Synthetic Larynx transplanted
June 26, 2012 Bloomberg Harvard Bioscience’s “InBreath” Bioreactors Used in World’s First Successful Regenerated Laryngotracheal
June 26, 2012 NASDAQ World’s First Artificial Windpipe May Open Door to more procedures
June 26, 2012 Boston Business Journal Harvard Bioscience’s stem cells in Russian Tracheal Transplants
June 22, 2012 Video Russian TV Channel 1 Unique operation on a Human – the patient started talking after a transplant of a trachea and part of the throat
Sept 17, 2012 Video EuroVision Supercells
2011-June Andemariam Tekesenbet Beyene
Jan 13, 2012 Medical News Today Artificial Trachea Patient doing well five months after procedure
Nov 25, 2011 Karolinska Univ Hospital First Successful Transplantation of a Synthetic Tissue Engineered Windpipe
July 8, 2011 CNN Health Lab-Made Organ implanted for the first time
July 8, 2011 Wired co UK News Second First Synthetic Trachea Transplant is a success in Sweden
July 8, 2011 Wall Street Journal Trachea Saves Man
July 8, 2011 New Scientist Health Man receives world’s first synthetic windpipe
July 7, 2011 Bloomberg World’s First Laboratory-Grown Windpipe Is Transplanted in Patient
Video Reuters World’s first synthetic trachea patient hails life-saving surgery
July 27, 2011 Video VOAvideo UTube Human Trachea from stem cells transplanted into cancer patient
Sept 15, 2012 New York Times A First: Organs Tailor-Made With Body’s Own Cells
2011-November Chris Lyles
Mar 6, 2012 Harvard Apparatus Harvard Bioscience Comments on the Passing of Christopher Lyles
July 7, 2011 BBC News Health First synthetic Organ Transplant
Jan 13, 2012 Baltimore Sun Abington Man first in the US to get synthetic trachea transplant
Jan 14, 2012 Mail OnLine “I’m going further everyday” Cancer patient’s joy after pioneering stem cell trachea transplant
Jan 13, 2012 ABC News First U.S. Patient gets Stem cell trachea Transplant
Jan 12, 2012 New York Times Synthetic Windpipe Is Used to Replace Cancerous One
July 8, 2011 USA Today Patient Gets world’s first artificial trachea
July 11, 2011 Video WGBH A local biotech company grows organs for transplants
Oct 11, 2011 Video New York TV Channel 1 World’s First Artificial Windpipe May Open Door to more procedures
2008-September Claudia Castillo
Jan 21, 2010 Singularity Hub A Tale of Two Windpipes – Determining the Future of Organ Transplants
Nov 19, 2008 BBC Windpipe transplant breakthrough
Nov 19, 2008 Reuters Woman gets first trachea transplant without drugs
Nov 19, 2008 Video Reuters Woman gets first trachea transplant without drugs
Nov 19, 2008 Video UTube-Associated Press Breakthrough Windpipe Transplant uses Stem Cells