A trader is defined as a person or an entity in the terms of finance. He is the one who buys and sells financial instruments in finance. Financial instrument is defined as a contract between two parties. Items like stocks, bonds, cash, commodities and mutual funds are included in financial instruments. The term ‘trader’ can be defined and expressed in different ways based upon on different fields and strategies all over the world.

  • Merchant: It is defined as the one who buys in wholesale and sells them to end users with a profit. It can be refered to as a retailer in other terms.
  • Owner of Trading post: The trading post is the place in which the goods are manufactured and they are exchanged with the people for other goods.
  • Trader (in terms of finance): It is the one who deals with the buying and selling of financial instruments like stocks, bonds, derivatives and the like.
  • Trader Classified Media: It is a company which deals with classified with the advertisements. It mainly concentrates on automobile, real estate, jobs and the like.
  • Merchant Vessel: It is often considered as a boat or a ship which helps transporting cargo and helps carrying passengers from one place to another even globally. This process is done on hiring basis.
  • Crypto Currency Trader: Bitcoin Trader is the one who buy and sell BTCs with the fiat currency or altcoins. It involves usage of digital market.
  • Swing Trader: It is a type of stock trader. They spend more time monitoring the stocks. Before every action, they closely follow the stock for days and even for months.
  • Day Trader: This type of trader is little bit busy all time. They execute many trading transaction over a single period of time. They work in stocks, currencies, futures and the more. They may be institutional day traders or retail day traders.
  • Buy and Hold traders: They are also refered to as long term traders. They buy stocks and monitor them for a longer time and sell them.
  • Trend Trader: Their main goal is to earn money by setting a trend. They tend to buy high and sell even much higher.
  • Scared Trader: The main motto behind this type of trader is that they start trading easily. If they find that it will end in loss, these traders will try selling it before it results in loss. They always work in stress.
  • Greedy Traders: This type of traders take risk to a greater extent and try to earn money in bulk.